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What is the P-Shot?

The P-Shot is a nonsurgical, noninvasive treatment that utilizes platelet-rich plasma (PRP) to improve the size, girth, and function of the penis for male patients. Having been shown to enhance sexual sensation, the P-Shot may also treat erectile dysfunction (ED). At Med Spa At Seena One, our team of skilled aesthetic professionals is both certified and qualified to provide this treatment on males who are wanting to increase their sexual health. Medical director Dr. Mukhtar Anees and his team will work with you to determine if you may be an optimal candidate for the P-Shot. Contact our Burleson, TX facility to learn more and to schedule your initial consultation. 

Am I A Candidate for the P-Shot?

Males who desire to increase the size, girth, and sensitivity of the penis may be good candidates for the P-Shot. This procedure is an ideal nonsurgical option for increasing blood circulation to the penis and reducing the symptoms of erectile dysfunction. With the P-Shot, you will respond more effectively to over-the-counter ED medications, have enhanced blood circulation to the penis, and have improved strength and function of the penis. Additionally, a P-Shot could also help to correct the effects of Peyronie’s disease.

How is the P-shot performed?

P-Shot procedures are provided in one of our spacious procedure rooms. Prior to the treatment, a topical cream will be administered to the treatment area before a small amount of blood is taken from your arm. Next, this blood will then be placed into a centrifuge to separate the platelet-rich plasma. After the completion of this process, a serum will be curated from the PRP and put into a vial for the injections. Even though some patients may notice a slight pressure to mild discomfort from the procedure, it should not hurt. 

How soon do you see results after the P-Shot?

After your P-Shot procedure, you will be able to return to your normal daily routine. Although some may notice an immediate improvement, others may not experience any change for a few weeks following the treatment. It is suggested to schedule and attend a follow-up appointment at our Burleson facility following your procedure. Our team can talk with you about the results and determine if you would benefit from additional treatments, depending on your needs and goals. Most patients will need to have a second injection 4 – 8 weeks after the first to further improve and maintain their results.

P-Shot FAQ

Does the P-Shot increase the size of the penis?

Though this injection is designed for the purpose of increasing sexual performance and function, it has also been known to increase the length and girth of the penis. We don't traditionally recommend the P-Shot for those specifically seeking size enhancement, but it can be a positive side effect for those experiencing erectile dysfunction.

How long do results from the P-Shot last?

As with most treatment types, results from the P-Shot will vary from one person to another. However, we usually expect patients to notice results sometime within 1 – 6 weeks of the injection, and in many cases, these effects can last for up to two years.

Is the P-Shot painful?

Many patients are often concerned with pain during the injection, but most men feel nothing more than a slight bit of pressure. If you're concerned about your comfort during this treatment, feel free to discuss your anxieties with our staff beforehand. We'll do everything we can to make you feel as comfortable as possible throughout the entirety of the procedure.

Up your game, improve your performance

For males who are experiencing erectile dysfunction or decreased libido, our team at Med Spa At Seena One can help correct your issues, enhance your sexual pleasure, and create longer erections with the P-Shot. By using your own blood and plasma, the P-Shot is a natural procedure to treat male sexual health issues and insecurities. To learn more about how the P-Shot can improve your sexual wellness, give our Burleson, TX facility a call, and schedule a private consultation.

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